Critical Illness Insurance Coverage for Children and Grandchildren Toronto

By Bridge Force Financial Group Inc.
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Critical Illness Insurance Coverage for Children and Grandchildren Toronto
Critical Illness Insurance Coverage for Children and Grandchildren Toronto
The Unthinkable! 
No one likes to think about their child or grandchild getting a life threatening condition - but it does happen and according to a recent CIBC consumer poll almost 75% of Canadian families who had to deal with a major unexpected event or emergency - did not have enough emergency savings and were forced to turn to other sources of money to cover the expense. Almost 30% of those turned to family, friends or lending institutions for money.
How Does Critical Illness Work?
When your child or grandchild is diagnosed with one of the 24 covered conditions and survives 30 days (some exceptions) after diagnoses - a tax free lump sum is paid to you, the policy owner, to be used in any you choose.
- Find the best care for your child or grandchild
- Allow financial flexibility to take time off work & be where you're needed most
- Focus your efforts on the child's recovery without worrying about financial concerns
What is Covered?  
Best of All - When your child or grandchild reaches the age of 25 and has had no need to ever claim, all your premiums are returned!
Are you interested in more information about Critical illness coverage for you child or grandchild? 
Feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable insurance advisers to discuss the critical illness coverage options available to you, or visit the Bridgeforce website for more information about the benefits of hiring an advisor. 
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Level 9 (XP: 3550)
2 years ago
Great to know about all of the different types of critical illnesses that are covered. Can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to have a child with a critical illness.
Level 6 (XP: 2400)
2 years ago
:( I dont have any children yet and I cant imagine what it must be like to have a chilod suffer some kind of critical illness. I guess something like critical illness insurance is definitely something to think about investing in....better safe than sorry right?